Unveil mainframe observability

Download the z/IRIS Datasheet now and learn more about mainframe-inclusive observability.

z/IRIS high level overview

With mainframe observability enabled, your teams can ask the What, the How and the Why about mainframe application performance. DevOps engineers and monitoring teams will be able to identify issues in advance, if not faster, using the APM tools they are familiar with. Increasing the availability of your applications and meeting enterprise reliability targets will finally be possible because everyone in the organization will have an end-to-end understanding of how applications are working. 

Your teams will be able to spend more time developing which leads to an increase in deployments of new solutions for the business. Not only will the organization improve customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding their demands, but your IT will also be able to realize their goals of achieving true high performance because they can now take full advantage of industry-proven methods that lead to service excellence.