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See end-to-end traces including mainframe specific information


Jaeger is a distrubuted tracing system used for monitoring and troubleshooting microservices-based distributed systems.


  • Distributed context propagation
  • Distributed transaction monitoring
  • Root cause analysis
  • Service dependency analysis
  • Performance / latency optimization

Benefits with z/IRIS

  • Service Overview including mainframe systems
  • Get APM traces that include mainframe system attributes in your flame graphs
  • Performance and latency optimization of your mainframe systems

Observability use case in Jaeger: Deadlock

When two DB2 mainframe application calls deadlock on a database resource, the database manager will cancel one of the transactions by random selection and report the appropriate SQL code 911/913. The other application should then be able to continue processing if it has not already timed out.

DevOps may observe slower response time, timeouts or unexplained connection failures for JDBC requests, and be unaware that these are side effects of a deadlock on the database system.

z/IRIS has improved its deadlock visibility support by leveraging span linking from OpenTelemetry. Span links provide a way to depict a causal relationship between two or more otherwise independent processes.

z/IRIS adds a span called Deadlock Participant to the applications calls that are affected by a deadlock. This span contains a direct link to the Db2 Deadlock trace and vice versa. Not only will all applications teams have visibility into the deadlock’s impact, they will also be able to analyze it’s frequency and identify the application behaviour that leads to deadlocks.


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