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z/IRIS meets OpenTelemetry

Eliminate APM silos discover

OpenTelemetry is an open framework that standardizes tracing, logging and metrics to create new possibilities for vendor-neutral observability.

Visualize mainframe metrics in Grafana

Discover mainframe metrics

Download our preconfigured Grafana dashboards, which provide an overview of mainframe performance and critical events of IBM z/OS mainframes. 

z/IRIS integrates mainframe traces in Jaeger

See end-to-end traces

Analyze your business application end-to-end. View flame graphs containing mainframe trace information enriched with mainframe specific tags in Jaeger.

Why does mainframe-inclusive observability matter?

Lacking Observability…

DevOps teams cannot take full ownership of applications that depend on mainframe services, relying heavily on scarce mainframe Subject-Matter-Experts for simple root-cause and performance analysis.

zIRIS - the role of mainframe and the need for observability

Start your observability journey

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