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Eliminate APM silos with OpenTelemetry


Eliminate APM silos to include mainframe

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OpenTelemetry standardizes tracing, logging and metrics to facilitate and create endless new possibilities for vendor-neutral and sustainable observability.
z/IRIS empowers DevOps teams by seamlessly integrating mainframe performance telemetry into your enterprise application performance monitoring (APM) software.   
Teams gain insights into how mainframes perform for their business services and receive additional information when mainframe related errors happen. z/IRIS helps speed up root-cause analysis (RCA) and decrease mean-time to restore application availability.  


What have major industries in common?


Long-established enterprise organizations rely on IBM mainframes (a.k.a IBM Z Systems) for mission-critical business services due to its high-availability, reliability and security capabilities. There is a lack of support for mainframe technology in the APM industry, leaving customers with the inability to gain visibility into the core business services that mainframe systems host.
zIRIS - the role of mainframe and the need for observability

Why does mainframe-inclusive observability matter?

Lacking Observability?

DevOps teams cannot take full ownership of applications that depend on mainframe services, relying heavily on scarce mainframe Subject-Matter-Experts for simple root-cause and performance analysis.

zIRIS - the role of mainframe and the need for observability

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