Unlock the Power of Observability: Revolutionize Your IT Operations with Mainframe Observability

Jun 13, 2023 | APM, Products

Discover the transformative power of observability in IT and elevate your operations to unprecedented heights.

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of observability and revolutionize your IT operations? Observability offers unparalleled empowerment by enabling you to gain in-depth insights into your complex applications that results in proactive monitoring, rapid issue resolution, and optimized performance. Say goodbye to surface-level monitoring and embrace observability for a comprehensive view that drives operational excellence.

With observability, you transcend the limitations imposed by outdated monitoring practices. Say farewell to incomplete pictures and welcome real-time, granular data that flows from every corner of your system. Observability is achieved through logs, metrics, and traces, that work in perfect harmony, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your system’s internal states, behaviors, and performance. This invaluable knowledge equips you to make informed decisions and take proactive actions.

To realize the full value of observability, your mainframe applications must be visible in your strategic observability tools, look no further than z/IRIS—a robust and cutting-edge solution. z/IRIS empowers mainframe observability by providing Application Performance Monitoring (APM) traces and metrics specifically designed for mainframe applications. With z/IRIS, your DevOps teams understand mainframe performance, swiftly identify the root causes of application failures, and reduce their time to restore services. This ultimately enhances application reliability and drives business success.

z/IRIS goes beyond being a siloed mainframe monitoring tool by mapping application calls and service workflows and enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis, empowering you with a complete end-to-end view of your business transaction from web page to mainframe-hosted database. It offers observability support across various platforms, providing you with the flexibility to choose the tools that best fit your enterprise monitoring needs. Acting as a powerful quasi-agent, z/IRIS generates APM traces and metrics that provide invaluable visibility into your mainframe applications.

Exciting enhancements arrived in the latest release of z/IRIS, version 1.13.0. Notably, it introduces extended support for CICS (Customer Information Control System). By capturing and connecting CICS traces to traces from external applications, you gain valuable insights into performance bottlenecks, identify areas for optimization, and ensure the smooth operation of critical business services.

Furthermore, z/IRIS offers seamless compatibility with popular observability tools such as Datadog, Splunk, and New Relic. Integration with your existing monitoring and analytics ecosystem ensures smooth data flow, allowing you to harness the full power of observability. z/IRIS provides near real-time streaming of traces and metrics, empowering you to make operational changes that improve business availability and reliability without missing a beat.

mainstorconcept, the force behind z/IRIS, has a steadfast commitment to further developing this innovative solution for mainframe observability. Stay at the forefront of technology by boosting your enterprise observability with z/IRIS. Take advantage of mainframe observability today and unleash the full potential of your IT infrastructure.

To learn more about z/IRIS, the latest release and features, visit our website.

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