Now available z/IRIS release 1.10.0

Aug 4, 2022 | Alle, APM, Mainframe, Products, Produkte, Transformation, z/IRIS

The team is proud to reveal the latest z/IRIS feature: Mainframe Workflow Tracing, which allows z/IRIS to collect, aggregate and join related performance data from multiple mainframe systems, resulting in their correlation into meaningful spans and traces. This release focuses on the correlation of related z/OS Connect and Db2 SMF records.

Benefits of z/IRIS Mainframe Workflow Tracing

z/IRIS Mainframe Workflow Tracing increases the value of your existing APM tool by enabling end-to-end tracing, which provides information about your business workflow including mainframe services. This allows DevOps teams to use APM tooling they are familiar with for debugging and root-cause analysis for more efficiency.

Speed up debugging:

DevOps teams are enabled to cut through software complexity more easily by using observability to see the larger picture of all critical business services, giving them a better understanding of service interaction.

Increase UX awareness:

A greater understanding of the workflow will induce more awareness of customer pain points. It can help to diagnose latency issues and identify bottlenecks more efficiently, which will increase customer satisfaction.

Optimize workflow and performance:

The ability to analyze your workflow from start to end enables you to improve processes in order to achieve maximum productivity and increase the performance of your business services.

z/IRIS Mainframe Workflow Tracing is currently a beta feature and restricted to a single IronTap instance. Upcoming releases will expand this feature to allow for correlation with multiple instances of IronTap. So stay tuned!

z/OS Connect Db2 Workflow Tracing in Datadog

z/OS Connect Db2 Workflow Tracing in Datadog

z/OS Connect Db2 Workflow Tracing in Jaeger

z/OS Connect Db2 Workflow Tracing in Jaeger

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