Now available z/IRIS release 1.7.0

Okt 28, 2021 | All, APM, Mainframe, Products, z/IRIS

Release 1.7.0 is now available


Datadog integration demo video

If you missed Dash 2021, you want to take a look at our Datadog integration demo video below.

z/IRIS integration in Datadog

Datadog trace ID support for OpenTelemetry

IronTap can be configured to convert OpenTelemetry trace IDs to the 64 bit Datadog trace ID format. This ensures that trace IDs we provide in tags to Datadog users can be searched for in the Datadog UI.

In some use cases, like Db2 Deadlocks, z/IRIS highlights a temporary relationship between two otherwise independent and unrelated services. We do this by cross-referencing the trace IDs using tags. Staying with the Db2 deadlock example, z/IRIS enriches one of the deadlocked call traces with a Deadlock Participant span, which contains the trace ID of the other request that was impacted by the same deadlock. The other call trace will also get an additional Db2 Deadlock span, which contains information about the deadlock, the relevant database resource and more information about affected requests.

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Revamped z/OS Connect metrics

z/OS Connect metrics

New Grafana dashboards

New importable z/OS Connect dashboard are available for Grafana. The dashboard utilizes the revamped z/OS Connect metrics and contains an inline description and links to documentation to simplify start-up and usage.

Grafana support

Instana traces revamped

Distinct deadlock holder and waiter child spans

Instana Deadlock spans have been updated similarly to OpenTelemetry deadlock traces. A Db2 Deadlock span describes the deadlock event that occurred on an IBM Db2 for z/OS system. A Db2 resource child span, describes the database resource on which 2 application requests deadlocked. Information about the respective holder and waiter requests that were impacted by the deadlock are now available in the holder and waiter child span. This has 2 benefits:

  1. No longer need to specify holder or waiter in trace tags, which shortens tag names.
  2. Tags are neutral and provide wider Db2 context.

Our knowledge base provides a comprehensive list of all the Instana tags and Db2 traces created by z/IRIS.

Instana support