z/IRIS with Instana

Mainframe-inclusive enterprise observability 


z/IRIS enriches Instana APM traces with tags that contain metadata about the mainframe system, processing, performance and resource consumption. Use the Instana Analyze dashboard to search, filter and analyze mainframe traces.


z/IRIS enables observability for JDBC calls processed by IBM Db2 for z/OS systems. Users gain access to performance metrics and processing information related to JDBC call processing.

z/IRIS will also create events with information about errors that occurred on the mainframe. These events can be integrated with alerting rules so that teams are always aware of any situations affecting business services.

z/OS Connect tracing

Instana APM users can now activate z/IRIS z/OS Connect tracing with Instana APM. z/OS Connect traces represent REST API requests processed on z/OS Connect servers and provides the standard APM KPIs: call information, latency and errors. Each trace contains tags that provide additional context about the request and its processing within z/OS Connect.

The System-Of-Record (SOR) child span represents the call to the service provider for the REST API services hosted by the z/OS Connect server. The SOR spans also contain tags that provide additional information about the SOR.