Easily extend your APM to include mainframe

Aug 26, 2021 | All, Mainframe, Products, Transformation, z/IRIS

Application performance monitoring (APM) software has become a vital part of your digital enterprise lives. 

APM tools provide: 

  • insights into how business services and applications are performing, 
  • predict when failures may occur,
  • detect system and application changes, 
  • automatic alerting when services fail,
  • and so much more

Unfortunately, the mainframe services that your applications depend on are not supported by your APM software. So, you resort to calling the one mainframe expert you know when services are slow or reporting errors. At the end of the month, you get reports that summarize how mainframe transactions performed and, of course, how much they cost. 

With z/IRIS, you can extend your APM tool to monitor mainframe performance for services and applications in less than no time. z/IRIS can be scaled to meet large enterprise observability demands and remains vendor-neutral so that any APM software can be extended to support mainframe technology.

There are 2 parts to z/IRIS: 

  • the client, which runs on mainframe systems
  • the server, which as of release 1.6.3, is available as docker container.

Take a look at this next video which demonstrates how z/IRIS clients can be installed in a matter of minutes to begin streaming performance data (SMF records)  from mainframe systems in real-time. The demonstration uses an Apache Kafka cluster to stream and optionally store SMF records.


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Once SMF streaming is active, all that is left for you to do is activate at least one z/IRIS server. The next video shows how dockerized z/IRIS servers can be set up within minutes. For this demo, we use OpenTelemetry APM in Jaeger for to monitor and analyse application services that integrate with mainframe. 


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Browse through our online documentation, which provides more detailed step-by-step instructions to customize z/IRIS for your environment and more examples of mainframe-inclusive observability.

Follow the “Contact Us” link below to arrange a demonstration of z/IRIS with your team and to discuss the various ways you can leverage mainframe-inclusive observability for DevOps, ITOps and SREs.

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