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Okt 22, 2021 | All, APM, Mainframe, Partner, Produkte, Transformation, z/IRIS

Modern businesses invest in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions to increase business value by gaining insight into their systems. Observability solutions such as Datadog empower DevOps teams to recognize and repair service problems. Unfortunately, mainframe monitoring is often either absent or displayed separately in a different location. This limited visibility makes it harder for DevOps teams to identify root-causes related to mainframe services. 

Combine your Datadog platform with z/IRIS and benefit from mainframe-inclusive observability.

Do you want to improve your KPIs?

z/IRIS shows your DevOps teams how your application calls perform on the mainframe and helps to find and eliminate errors faster.

Use mainframe-inclusive observability to boost your DevOps teams efficiency in Datadog

Use mainframe observability to boost your team’s efficiency

Gain mainframe-inclusive observability in Datadog

z/IRIS integrates seamlessly with Datadog. It allows your team to analyze and filter business services using mainframe trace attributes directly in Datadog. Include mainframe services to get more accurate reliability and availability information, as well as in-depth root cause analysis. It will enable you to extend alerting policies to include mainframe related incidents. Leverage z/IRIS to boost your DevOps team’s efficiency by facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of your entire system.

Cost conscious observability

z/IRIS utilizes available mainframe performance data to enrich existing service traces. No additional trace data has to be created, saving additional storage costs and administrative effort. Everything will be displayed in your available Datadog environment, increasing the business value of your existing APM investment. z/IRIS runs on specialty engines in the mainframe, which means your organization benefits from end-to-end performance visibility without increasing IBM Z license costs with z/IRIS.

multipurpose observability with OpenTelemetry

Vendor neutral observability

OpenTelemetry standardizes tracing and metrics to facilitate observability. It allows integrating mainframes data where it is required. Mainframe as a siloed entity must become history. As a cutting-edge mainframe technology, z/IRIS aims to unveil the mainframe and provide mainframe data in your APM tool of choice. 

Due to the increasing complexity of systems, it is essential to gain insights into how business services and applications are performing to predict problems and proactively prevent them from happening. z/IRIS can help to restore availability faster and prevent unnecessary downtime to keep your customers happy.    

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Register for the Dash on the 26th & 27th of October to attend a demonstration of z/IRIS. See how z/IRIS integrates mainframe-inclusive observability with Datadog to advance your application monitoring to the next level. You can start a FREE trial within a day.   


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