z/IRIS release 1.6.3 is now available

Aug 12, 2021 | APM, Mainframe, Products, Transformation, z/IRIS

z/IRIS release 1.6.3 includes some great features and improvements for mainframe-inclusive observability:

  • The z/IRIS Server(a.k.a IronTap) can be installed as a docker container to simplify installation and speed up deployment in your environment
  • Db2 for z/OS observability with OpenTelemetry is now fully supported with the z/IRIS OpenTelemetry Instrumentation Extension.
  • The Kafka Record Extractor Tool is also available for z/IRIS. It extracts, compresses and archives raw SMF records that are stored in an Apache Kafka cluster. Users can use this tool to provide SMF records to non-mainframe applications that cannot access Kafka clusters.

OpenTelemetry Java Agent Instrumentation Extension

OpenTelemetry Java Agent version 1.3.0 released the instrumentation extension feature that provides the ability to safely add behaviour to the agent, to meet additional observability requirements.

The ziris-instrumentation-extension module extends OpenTelemetry Java agent instrumentation, to enable the correlation of JDBC requests which are processed by Db2 for z/OS servers. Once active, OpenTelemetry users can benefit from Distributed Db2 for z/OS Observability

, which provides visibility into mainframe performance for JDBC requests, including:

  • durations and in-db2 elapsed times,
  • latencies,
  • resource utilization and
  • deadlock events and traces

More information about ziris-instrumentation-extension and Distributed Db2 for z/OS Observability is available below and on our knowledge base.



Release 1.6.3 is now available

IronTap container

Platform teams can more easily manage the scale and continuity of z/IRIS with IronTap containers.

Our repository provides secure access to IronTap docker images, which can be quickly deployed and easily managed in your environment.

Find out how to install and configure IronTap containers on our knowledge base.

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OpenTelemetry Db2 Accounting traces

Db2 Accounting traces are part of the Distributed Db2 for z/OS Observability

feature. DevOps teams can monitor resource consumption, performance and latencies related to JDBC requests processed by Db2 for z/OS servers. Users can:

  • analyse business application performance from the end-user to your mainframe systems.
  • identify inefficient SQL requests.
  • gain visibility into mainframe configuration that can affect performance.

Find out more about Db2 Accounting traces, as well as other OpenTelemetry traces created by z/IRIS on our knowledge base.

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Kafka Record Extractor tool

A simple tool to extract, compress and archive SMF records from a Kafka Cluster. In some cases, z/IRIS support may request an extract of SMF records to analyse reported issues.

The tool can also be used to provide raw SMF records to non-mainframe applications, that cannot stream data directly from Kafka clusters.

Access the installation and user guide on our knowledge base.

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