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Sustainability also works in IT

Used hardware and maintenance

When many resources become increasingly scarce, as they are today, it is time to think about existing resources and to protect the environment. And the use of used hardware does not have to be disadvantageous. In many cases, requirements of all kinds can also be met with systems that have already been in operation for some time. In any case, used hardware systems are more cost-effective (and environmentally friendly).


+ Refurbishing – quality-assured and environmentally friendly

We take back your old systems as part of a tech refresh or upgrade as a trade-in. In our Lab, they are thoroughly examined and “refurbished”, i.e. completely overhauled and repaired. Afterwards, these refurbished and tested systems are as operational as a brand-new system. Configuration changes are possible at any time, as far as they are technically feasible and reasonable in terms of price.


PLEASE NOTE: Our offer for refurbished systems is subject to availability as these systems are often in high demand, especially when primarily the price and less the latest functionality is the deciding factor.


+ Life-preserving maintenance concepts

Maintenance for such a “refurbished” system can be provided by the manufacturer as usual. In addition, you can also make use of our mscFirst service concept for these systems. This means that this variant of product procurement hardly differs in terms of functionality, but it does differ considerably in terms of price.


If manufacturer maintenance is no longer available for a refurbished IT system, we can offer Third Party Maintenance (TPM) as an alternative. We have been working together with one of the most renowned manufacturer-independent maintenance providers for many years. You do not incur any additional expense, because we remain your contact partner – you receive an offer from us that includes all components of the solution, including maintenance.


If you are using systems that were not supplied and installed by us, we can provide TPM maintenance for them as well.


Please contact us for your personalized offer for used hardware!