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Mainframe Backup Cloud

with regular D/R Test

How confident are you that you can fully recover your mainframe systems and mainframe data in the event of an incident? Do you also test these processes regularly and verify your emergency management processes and the implementation of the emergency preparedness concept in the process? Most mainframe shops will answer this question more or less like this:

“We mirror our data on the disk systems to our second data center site and there we run tests from the mirrored DASD site once or twice a year. We trust that our backups to tapes or virtual tapes are done in such a way that in the event of a total data loss, that data is fully recoverable on both the primary and secondary side.”

Most clients use synchronously or asynchronously mirrored disk systems. But here is the problem: How can it be ensured that an error that massively affects the productive systems does not replicate to the second side accidentally or even intentionally through manipulation? And there are still mainframe shops that do not mirror their primary site at all.

In the worst case, a backup must be used. Depending on the error situation, partial data sets or complete data sets must be restored. These procedures are often described in an emergency preparedness concept, but are rarely or never tested to the extent of restoring a system completely from backups. Regular checks are not carried out.

Our backup cloud service allows you to regularly check these procedures and gain important insights without having to use capacities of your own system environment. Our clients who use this service
confirm time and again that they have been able to gain valuable insights from these regular checks and can provide the responsible management with the certainty that, in the event of an incident, all procedures will function as planned.