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Open Systems

Concepts with individual services

We have been supporting storage and backup projects in the open system infrastructure sector since the foundation of our company. We show you feasible ways to implement secure and economically viable solution concepts from various manufacturers – on premises or in the cloud – in your storage infrastructure. All solutions can be complemented with individual services from mainstorconcept, which guarantee you a smooth and highly available operation.

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Our topics

Storage systems

Highly efficient storage solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers for enterprise and mid-market.

Backup and security

High-performance backup products consisting of hardware, software and services for the fastest possible recovery in the event of a failure.


Cloud solutions and technologies

Storage space, computing services and software as a service with dynamic usage.

Software und systems development

We combine our mainframe and open system experience to create highly integrated solutions in a short period of time.

DevOps and Software Defined

Modern and agile software development of applications with microservices and container solutions.

Performance, Monitoring and Management

Know meaningful real-time data and facts about optimal operation. An important building block for transformation and modern software development.


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