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To better understand your needs, we evaluate data and information that you provide to us.

We support you in obtaining relevant facts with proven assessment methods and modern tools so that success can be planned, because even a few details can have a significant impact on your technical functions, TCOs and also project deadlines, for example. Our analyses not only shed light on technical aspects, but also consider your business processes and dependencies on other components. Once we have understood everything, we present our findings to you and discuss the next steps together.

Proof of Concept & Consulting

Many IT companies are active in the Open Systems sector. Few in the mainframe sector.

We are right at home in both worlds and know (almost) all the solutions. Their applications, their strengths and their weaknesses. That’s why we can also tell you exactly what suits you. A visit to our company allows you to get to know solutions in practice. Optionally, you can also test products and solution concepts in their future area of application. Take advantage of our non-binding proof-of-concept offer!

Professional Service

In many cases, we can prepare and test the systems with your setup in our lab before you receive them.

This significantly reduces the implementation time onsite and sources of error can be avoided in advance. In our lab, we can simulate company-specific situations and work with you to develop the optimal solution.


Our clients appreciate our services.

Our support for you starts in the first client meeting and continues in project planning and implementation. We focus on identifying errors as early as possible in order to avoid support cases later on. You can rely on a service that accompanies you throughout the entire lifecycle of your solution and is individually adapted to your requirements!

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