mzHost – Software Solution

Jun 7, 2021 | Mainframe, mzHost, Products, Produkte

With the help of mzHost – a mainstorconcept software solution – you can execute commands on remote systems directly from the z/OS system environment (console) and then process the output in z/OS. Alternatively you can receive information from an external system per PUSH in the console. Vice-versa mzHost acts as a Server Task in z/OS and allows RACF authorized commands to be executed from a Linux or Windows client.

mainstorconcept’s mzHOST Solution…

…is a communication module which can be run in any Java capable environment. The execution of mzHost in the JVM allows the user to access its functions even if a disaster case occurs. The Java platform allows for a great portability of the software und thus enables a flexible system design. The integrated SSL encryption and the login procedure enable a secure communication between the server and the clients.

By customizing the socket (TCP Port) you’re truly independent from any services like SSH and HTTP, this way you can integrate the mzHost protocol in your security and firewall infrastructure. Through the high interoperability with external operating system components you can achieve a great level of integration with current programs and scripts, improve processes and at the same time keep proven workflows and just expand the functionality by adding new features.


mzHost expands the functionality of your IBM z/OS mainframe by adding a simple, secure, bidirectional communication to other IT systems.

Usage examples

The modern mainframe is surrounded by external systems which don’t understand the mainframe specific inner workings and commands. In most cases the TCP/IP network construct takes care of any tasks between these systems. The problem with that is to find an appropriate protocol to handle the communication and be compatible with the overall system design.

More often than not the external components have a limited set of functions and that leads to so called pseudo cascades. Pseudo cascaded processes in heterogenic systems are often error prone because they operate with time shifted task sequences, for example FTP is used as a universal channel for the data and status transfer mechanism. As a result the system design becomes erratic and consists of wide spread processes and automation tasks which can output only basic information.

The implementation of new functionality to external components and systems is usually hindered by the productive capabilities and the error proneness of older technologies as well as the resulting increased personnel cost. Often these problems are solved by costly solutions or by acquiring extra licenses to expand functionality. If you are faced with the problem to either run your components and systems more securely or to integrate automation processes such as GDPS/GDDR in the regular workflow, then mzHost is right for you. For example you could use it to edit VSAM files directly from within Windows and Linux.



System networking and secure communication are the corner stones of a successful integration of IT systems and the efficient operation of system solutions.


mzHost covers areas of interest that go way beyond the capabilities of other solutions. We offer a bespoke interaction and process interface specifically designed for z/OS mainframe users.


mzHost can integrate into most interfaces and protocols of your system landscape such as mainframe, midrange, open systems, storage and network. Thus mzHost helps you solve problems without voiding any warranties or support agreements caused by the installation of proprietary components.


mzHost allows the execution of remote commands on the opposite communication side (Client <- > Server). The included security (authentication) and SSL build a permanent, secure process channel.

  • Immediate-Return, commands are processed immediately and are sent back to the requestor almost instantly.
  • Outtasking, complex tasks can be executed by external systems and their output sent back to z/OS for further handling.
  • Command-Alias function simplifies command structures and enables command substitutions.
  • Job-Proxy, a mzHost client running on Linux can relay commands sent by z/OS or execute them instead of z/OS. Any results get sent back to the Host.
  • Service- und Support for mzHost is tailored to the user needs by mainstorconcept.
  • The mzHost “started task” in z/OS keeps the communication channel open and listens periodically. RACF decides who can execute specific commands. SSL / TLS encrypts the data and the connection.