Technology partnership announcement

May 20, 2019 | Backup, Cloud, Mainframe, Partner

Technology partnership announcement

Mainframe! we’re bringing on the clouds! After 15 years of moving our customers  from physical to virtual tape, the backup and storage realm has expanded, allowing us the opportunity to explore new storage-management horizons and introduce our customers to yet more exciting possibilities regarding their data.

We are excited to announce our technology partnership with Model9, a like-minded company, whose expertise in System Z and storage management have resulted in a sleek, functional software solution which provides direct mainframe access to object storage. This means that mainframe can now make use of cloud storage, along with the rest of the server world.

Mainframe organizations are tackling a variety of System Z modernization challenges. Let mainstroconcept and Model9 help you reach your cloud strategy for the mainframe of tomorrow.

Who is mainstorconcept?

We are a company based in Germany, with over 15 years experience in mainframe and storage concepts. Our extensive portfolio, which covers all known storage providers for disk and tape, has become our edge in this industry, as we are able to provide tailored solutions which meet the needs of our customers, big and small. Since 2005 mainstorconcept is a recognized service provider with a keen interest in mainframe and open systems integration.

Who is Model9?

Traditional mainframe data management solutions lock users into proprietary storage architecture and costly CPU resources. They are complex to operate and require specific expertise for even the most basic operations.

As data keeps growing and skilled mainframe specialists keep retiring, at Model9 we are committed to helping companies modernize the mainframes by connecting them directly to cloud object storage. Customers can manage their data with full computing and storage flexibility, using a less experienced workforce, without compromising on data integrity and backup reliability while reducing operational costs.